Salsa Labels

Label Design Client Details: “For El Cholito I would like the alpaca to have a little Peruvian saddle (ingredients) Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Lime, Garlic, Cabbage, Serranos, and Jalapenos.” “For the La Cholita Picante “salsa quemada” a drawing of a jalepeno, serrano, habanero and tomato in an “attractive” …


Logo Design Client Details: “I would like a logo for our Redline classes. Incorporate the 3 triangles from Crossfit Trivium. Provide a few options with Crossfit Trivium Redline and Redline.” Logo Options Final Logo

By Dancers

Booklet Layout Client Details: “Create an elegant 10-15 page booklet displaying our products. We will be handing them out at our boutique and when we are vending.”   Mock-up   Final Booklet To view the entire booklet click here

Stillwater Real Estate

Logo Design   Client Details: “I would like a SFR (single family residence) with the commercial building behind it, along with a wave below.” “I would also like the company’s name in it. Stillwater and then real estate smaller below it.” “Color wise I would like a deep emerald color …